Thursday, December 22, 2011

4th Grade Christmas Party

Yesterday was Emily's 4th Grade class Christmas party & as I walked by the Snowflake Tree I got a fuzzy feeling I was gonna have fun joining in on all the Reindeer games.

With snacks like this waiting, I new for sure I was in for a treat.

Stuff the Santa was one station that was a big hit divided up into four teams. Each team selected a Santa, planned their stuffing actions & when ready got one minute to stuff Santa with as many balloons as possible.

I missed snapping the fourth teams efforts but here is the winning Santa below proudly wearing his bow! Presents were awarded to the whole team Barracuda for having the most balloons totaling 38...

Emily managed to get her present of Gummy Bears a little earlier than the rest of her team. LoL She new she had won & helped herself to the winnings! :o)

Another very sweet station was the yummy butter creamed frosting Christmas cookie station. All the kids participated in this one & definitely liked a lot of frosting with their cookies sprinkled with love.

What's Christmas without snow globes? I loved this station. Seeing all the kids gaze into their finished globe as if staring magic in the eye made my heart glow like Rudolph's nose. The children had three choices to pick from for their little figurine inside...Christmas tree, gingerbread man or a snowman. These globes will bring many years of joy to all their homes every season.

On a cold winter night was the start of a story that everyone in class had to continue with a sentence each. With warning from the teacher the story was "kept clean." :o)

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