Wednesday, November 30, 2011

25 Days til Christmas

1. Present advent calendars to your children
2. Sing Christmas carols together then eat yummy cookies
3. Visit Santa Clause and have their picture taken
4. Go shopping and allow each child to pick out a new ornament
5. Attend a Holiday event
6. Host a family game night and invite another family
7. Take kids to pick out your Christmas tree
8. String pop corn
9. Build a Ginger bread house
10. Serve Sparkling cider with dinner
11. Bake cookies together
12. Paint holiday scenes on your windows
13. Coloring night...each year color in the same book and date it
14. Have a happy Birthday Jesus party, invite the neighbor kids
15. Make Christmas cards
16. Movie night….popcorn and yummy treats
17. PJ Night...everyone gets a new pair
18. Go for a ride and look at all the decorated houses
19. Have dinner by the Christmas tree picnic style
20. December 6th St Nick Night. Have kids place their shoes out with carrots and apples in them and while they are sleeping replace with a small gift
21. Make homemade fudge
22. Decorate your Tree
23. Make Christmas gifts
24. Host a Christmas craft club for your children and their friends
25. Help a family in need ...choose ways to teach your children to give.
26. Make or purchase Thank you gifts for community service workers then take your children around town to drop them off.
27. Red or Green night….Serve food in these colors, decorate the table in these colors
28. Tell the Christmas story and place a light in your window inviting Santa into your home
29. Make paper chain garlands
30. Snowman night—decorate table with snowmen be creative
31. Ice Cream night ..make sundaes or go out
32. Take kids shopping for Daddy or Siblings or Grand Parents
33. Wrap gifts…. kids love to help
34. Bake a pie
35. Make a sugar cube castle
36. Elf or Candy Cane hunt
37. Let your kids decorate their bedrooms
38. Bake a gingerbread man and tell the story
39. Play bingo with dollar store prizes...invite your neighbors over
40. Advent wreath
41. Learn about another Countries traditions
42. Make Ice Art
43. Tell the Christmas story and wear costumes
44. Dec 22nd first day of winter..take a day trip to the snow
45. Have a slumber party by the Christmas tree

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Dirty Icing

Well I just got my first lesson on what "Dirty Icing" is from my lil 10 year old, turned master cake boss, Breanna. She has started in the last few months asking for cake mix & frosting when we go to the store and has been turning into a lil baking queen/tween. I bought her a new mixer a few weeks ago only to hear every time "I want to mix by hand, what's wrong with old fashioned" lol well mixer won tonight. I owe all this knowledge to the wonderful show
Baking with the Cake Boss
I was just told a kid in Breanna's class went here Carlos Bake Shop over the weekend and had to wait an hour and a half to get in. Looks like Hoboken, NJ is now on our Bucket List

101 Dalmatians

Puppies, Puppies & 99 more Puppies I just cringe with excitement for just the fleeting thought of being surrounded by all of them & what licking, pouncing fun that would be. Well looks like I'll have my wish come true, partly anyways. So proud that Breanna & Emily were casted into The 101 Dalmation Play at their school which will be held next February. Granted their won't be live puppies in the play...I heard that was the most asked question by all the kids, well they'll have the next best thing. I guess it will look like all the puppies will be present! Gotta love stage props! So, we went from a one house dog Charlie to now 3 Breanna will be a Boxer & Emily will be a French cute is that! With practices twice a week I think I can be casted without the practice because it has been lines & songs around the house since they started. But not so sure I'd want to be a dog, I know I have one of Emily's line down for sure...She really enjoys her French Poodle speaking part "Oui, Oui" too fun. Last night started the dance routine demo's. Right up my dancing alley. Love how fast kids learn...sponges they are. Well we have another beautiful sunny winter day & all this talk about dogs...reminded me Charlie probably needs his walk & to go "Oui, Oui" ; )

Monday, November 28, 2011

Tis The Season to get Back Into Blogging

Wow, last post add that up equals 7 months of unrecorded history in the precious lives of my family! What's wrong with me? Writing...I love it, don't stop Elizabeth! Whirlwind of life seems to always win...Well time to grab the reindeer reins, pull tight & blast off into the blogging world again like a red suited plump ol Mrs. Claus joining the fabulous team of Joy deliverers!
No better time to play catch up than the present! So I think as the year ends It iis time to reflect on a very blessed year with my family!