Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tween Talk

Last year for Christmas the girls got a phone and a half a year later I still feel it was a smart move. Yeah we could have invested in a game gadget like Nintendo DS or some other hand held device but at least with the phone they have real means of communication. They love taking pictures and videos with it and of course texting their other tween friends with phones. There is no better funny feeling then while riding down the road my own phone rings with a text from my daughter in the back seat...I love it! It has served as a great comunication tool just between us for being goofy to serving its true purpose of connecting. Oh the other best gadget is the alarm clock that for some reason some days needs to be set at 5 in the morning only for me to wake up to it and shut if off...Now is the Tween Time to sleep there will be many 5 oclock mornings ahead of them in their adult life.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Tween Trio Performing for their Tween Talent Show3rd Graders at Minnewashta Happy it's the Last Day of School
Driving Balls Before They Fell out of the Sky

Edina Art Fair 2010

Minneapolis's Farmers Market

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Recap to fun in the Tween Cities

Amidst all the rain and grey days that has been covering the Tween Cities for many days. We have still managed to find many fun things to do since last Friday. This is a recap since my blogging has been water logged as of late. Friday the girls first official day of Summer entailed going to work with me in decked out Twins Colors I felt like we were ready for the Fourth of July. Then we watched a highly recommended movie out on rental now called The Last Mimzy http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0768212/
a very cute movie for the family to watch together. That evening we went to the Arboretum and played in their Stickworks Display and built an Elf house out of Forest Floor treasures. With a suite like we created the Elves were gonna be resting on Cloud 9 that night. (0:
Saturday came and we went to Excelsior's Art on the Lake fair that had a plethora of wonderfully talented artist from the Tween Cities area. http://www.excelsiorartonthelake.com/
Despite the overcast skies we enjoyed viewing the many treasures. If you didn't get to it...this is a must next year.
Then we ventured to the Tween Cities and went to Minneapolis's Farmers Market http://www.mplsfarmersmarket.com/ this is the largest Farmers Market in the Midwest and is open 7 days a week. We just love going to get our fresh veggies and fruits from here and flowers. Anything you can imagine they have and I was so happy to get my Sugar Snap Peas, nothing better than fresh Peas in a Pod. We got flowers for Grandma and dropped them off after because we didn't stay long at the farmers market this time due to the very cold and wet weather that came upon us rather quickly. Grandma loved the flowers. No day should go without taking time to Smell the Flowers.
Sunday was another overcast day gots lots done around the house in the morning while dad went golfing...then the girls and I went to the Arboretum for family fun day. We planted Pole Bean seeds and as of today they are starting to sprout...3 weeks time they will be very thankful we added homemade trellises to the pots...they grow like weeds! Then it was make a fresh pizza with yummy herbs the girls got to cut from the plants to include yummy basil & chive plants... As they were baking they ventured into the indoor flower garden for a scavenger hunt. With pizza complete the girls enjoyed every last bite, ok I got my share to. Yummy I must say. Glad they shared the recipe.
Monday came and it was filled with fun around the house having two playdates over. So entertaining the girls did. I felt like I had my own babysitter and was able to get lots done in the house. I was definitely ready for my playdate that night and went to a friends house for Spa Treatment Margarita's and Candle Scents...Everyone must have a http://shop.beauticontrol.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ContentView?storeId=10551&langId=-1&catalogId=10551&pageID=BChome&showBG=2
http://www.partylite.com/en-us/Default.aspx Party now especially with PartyLite having their own select party foods and Margarita mix...Nothing better than getting Spa'd in your own house.
I think I will in the future host a Spa for Mom's & their Tweens. I will so be there. :0)
Tuesday yet another overcast day with rain...so we ventured to the gym the girls were in Kids Play for an hour while I went to NIA, I just absolutely love this class and the freeing dancing mind that overcomes me. Then it was lunch with mom and an afternoon movie seeing http://www.themarmadukemovie.com/ definitely a great way to add joy to a rainy day...Super cute watching Owen Wilson as a talking Great Dane and George Lopez as a talking cat.
Then it was Splashing into the Summer Reading Program and checking out many great books to start to our collection of great reads this summer. A must get is Changes of Julie an American Girl Doll book because 4 Chapters later her nose is still lost in the story. http://store.americangirl.com/agshop/html/ProductPage.jsf/itemId/113044/itemType/SET/webTemplateId/3/uniqueId/488/saleGroupId/629
Last night we went and did some shopping in St. Louis Park to stock up on summer foods from Sam's Club...got love some of their bulk to save time on shopping.
So that brings today...girls just rose and now they are waiting patiently for their Trixicles http://www.yoplait.com/products_trix.aspx
Everyone knows Trix are for Kids...But now they love that you can freeze them with the sticks provided....and I just love the name they came up with "Trixicles" I looked on Yoplait's website and man that is a Marketing idea their team is behind on...Can I say Royalty Trix/Checks...Email to the company here I come...
I emailed the Popsicle company last week with my Tween Cities Blog and got a response two days ago...Free Coupons are in the mail...Nothing better than a summer filled with Popsicles and Trixicles.
So gots to get ready...Work then Play...We have a date with Miss Sunshine
Got love seeing her Bright Sunny Face with A Smile.

Have a Sun Shiny Day!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Jordan Romero's Everest summit "Today Show" Interview

Watch the new THE KARATE KID Trailer in HD

Tween Stars

As of late all that's in the news is Remarkable Triumphant stories of Tweens/Teens making quests up Mountains, Journeys around the world, getting lead acting roles, singing & entertaining, on and on. What boggles me is why people would question this. Is it safe, Is it right? Life is not meant to live in a bubble...Life is Life you live it! What would have been better for Jordan Romero, the youngest climber to summit Mt. Everest, to be sitting on the couch playing a video game while eating his Happy Meal....Something tells me the one's complaining are the ones in a line at a Fast Food Restaurant. Jordan can be my leader of tomorrow.
Then you got 16 year old Abby Sunderland sailing solo Around the World...OMG this girl is my idol...She is living proof that Dreams Do Come True...it may not have ended the way she wanted as of today but at least she got this far and without Energy, Drive, Support, Positive Creative Thoughts, Perserverence and Will Power "Wild Eyes" would have just been "Blurry Eyes" Abby set a goal, and followed through. An accomplishment some no matter what age can't even entertain. Sail Abby Sail!
The Karate Kid released last night 12 year old Jaden Smith plays lead role...Yeah maybe it might help to know a person or two in Showbiz like his parents Will Smith & Jada Pinkett Smith to get the doors opening...but knowing his talented parents I can only speculate that his acting skills are up to par. Can't wait to see it...Just watched the original with my heart throb back in the day Ralph Machio and you gotta love Myogi! Wax on Wax off Danielson!!! I still someday plan on capturing a fly with chopsticks...Maybe I'll wait for that perfect day when I visit Japan.
Then you got President Obama & First Lady Michelle with their two beautiful daughters. Both in their Prime Tween Years Malia who is 12 and Sasha who is 9...What a life they get to remember...Could you just imagine for a moment what Father's Day will be like for these two beauties. Handing President Obama their handmade gifts or card, because any child those ages are all about creating and handcrafting something....Wish I was there to capture the priceless picture.
All I know the closest thing to the President I have standing in my house right now waiting for me to dish up a bowl of Chocolate Swirl Ice Cream is the 2nd grade Champion of the Presidential Fitness Award....Break, Mom Duties

http://www.presidentschallenge.org/ This is a blog all of its own I'll get to!
http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1155076/ Can't wait to see it!

TweenDom Come

I have been researching the "Tween" approach to marketing to that age specific now for almost two years. I am grateful I have come upon choosing Blogging as my way of unleashing what has been in me for so long. I asked myself over and over What is Tween Cities? What do I want to sell? Is there a Product? Should it be a Storefront and if so where, what, who, how? All these questions have boggled my mind because I have never truly believed yet what I want it to become....The "it" was eating away at me.
I believe this approach of just simply covering the lives of my two precious gifts everyday is the true gift behind what Tween Cities is....After moving back from Alaska it has been a hard adjustment living here...Thank God for Facebook...I have really not found my "niche" to the feeling of calling this place home, until now. I feel if I had started facebooking and blogging back in Alaska, I'd still be there...These two social networking sites help in the adjusting of living away from family and friends that looking back I value soooo much. Presently, friends are so far and few inbeTWEEN to make now...Everyone is busy with families, life, the careers, were so anxious to start as a young adult. This blogging couldn't have come to me at a better time...I hope someday my two Tweens will appreciate maybe sharing this idea of mine and reading with their own Tweens what they got to experience in their Tween Years.
I am gonna rock this out with all my energy and then some!

Cheers, to Unleashing My Potential

Friday, June 11, 2010

Tweens in Twins Baseball Colors

Today is officially my Tweens first day of Summer Break and I am putting them to work. It's Go to work with Mom day at Lifetime Fitness decked out in http://minnesota.twins.mlb.com/index.jsp?c_id=min Baseball Colors. Love Red, White & Blue.
Then it's planning for a fun weekend...filled with Art Fairs, Farmers Markets, MN Arboretum Family Fun Day, Fishing in the Tween Cities, Delivering Grandma's Birthday Present and lots of fun InBeTWEEN.
Lots to do Staycationing it in the Tween Cities....Bring on the Action!

Cheers to Tween Friday Fun!!!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

School's out for Summer

Well today finally arrived and officially at 1:30 when I meet the girls at their bus stop Summer Begins...then it's to Round House park for a play date. Woohoo, I can feel the joy already. My tweens are preparing for an adventurous summer filled with field trips, parades, swimming, yoga at the Sculpture Garden, Farmer's Markets, Entering art into Fairs, road trips to the North Shore, IL, and possibly the Dakota's for Fourth of July and celebrating Derek's birthday, and throwing in rest and relaxation. Filling up our summer calendar with daily events to compile into an awesome summer journal is the plan. Something to treasure for years to come.
Presently with this weather and the 5 day forecast of only rain I feel like we are back living in a beautiful rain forest in Alaska. Hard to believe it's already been over two years still feels like yesterday that I was driving down Tongass Highway. I miss Alaska and the people but not so much the rain. I am forever grateful to have experienced it but like my sunshine a little more. Just wish the Vit. D was in the air today...Oh well still grateful for what this day brings and then some. Well off for some Total Body Conditioning at Lifetime Fitness and music to my ears next to two of my friends married to Viking Football Players. Cheers to joys of living in the Tween Cities!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Tween Playdates in the City

Last full day of school. Hip Hip Hooray it's just about time for Tween City summer play. Girls were excited this morning and looking forward to go swimming after school at Lifetime Fitness. I'll see how much energy they still have left they had two playdates yesterday and play they did. From an awesome Tween Talent performance and fashion show all glammed out hats,heels,dresses and accessories, I was loving playing Mammarazzi. Heidi Klum, Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez you all better look out...the Tween Trio is coming. LoL
Photos will be coming soon but we are having a malfunction with the Left click button...Don't realize how dependant one is for a click until it's gone....Just to type this blog I have to hold down the right click button...Arrgghh.
So with that said, That's all she wrote. :0)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Field Trips for 2nd & 3rd Grade

With the last week of school here field trips are happening...3rd grade went to http://www.exploreminnesota.com/attraction/20439/waconia/safari-island-indoor-waterpark-and-fitness-center Safari Island in Waconia yesterday...equipped with big slides indoor play area and the hit was diving boards...Definitely a Splashing way to end 3rd Grade. Today 2nd graders venture to http://www.pumpitupparty.com/mn/eden-praire/eden-prairie/home-p1q69.htm Pump it Up Eden Prairie...these tweens in motion will definitely be jumping into 3rd grade with this inflatable party zone. I think I might just have to utilize this location for a Parents Night Out this summer, something tells me I won't have to twist two particular tweens arms to get a YES. Then after this jumping joyful event it's a party at Freeman Park http://shorewood.revtrak.net/tek9.asp?pg=regwerks I am in charge of Posicles...http://www.popsicle.com/Home.aspx ....What's a party for kids on the go without having a Product on the Go. I am liking the New Fruity Jolly Rancher Choice...I might have me 20 new Tween BFF's by the end of day...I like it!!!
So before this 2nd grade event I will be hitting NIA http://www.nianow.com/, because through movement I find health...This class is awesome I call it my Meditation in Motion and my Black Belt Instructor Marie instructs in a way that brings Awareness to a New Life. I simply will be refreshed, recharged & regrouped when I hit Freeman Park today...Just a FYI if you check this class out, Watch out...It can Change Your Life.
So presently the Rain Gods are doing a little NIA up above (I'm jealous) and hope they have gotten their fix before the Party at the Park because It's On to listen to 20 + Tweens Tearing it Up.

Smile it's Tween Tuesday!!!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Cyndi Lauper - Girls Just Want To Have Fun

Meatballs Opening Scene and Titles

Ahh, I can feel the joys of summer fast approaching. Hearing the joys too. This is the tune that has been singing around the house all day...."Are you ready for the summer? Are you ready for the summer? Are you ready for the Good Times, Good Times. Are you ready for Summer Fun and most of all a lot of Goofing Around. No more Teachers, No more Books, No more Teachers Dirty Look...No More Math or History... Are you ready for the summer, the same as me."
Three and half more days to Schools out for Summer...
This Summer is all about Blogging, so stay tuned for the summer release of Tween Cities in a Blogosphere Near You! ; )
What is Tween Cities you may ask.
Tweens Unleashed in the City. I will be blogging about my adventurous Tweens from Swimming, Biking, Yoga, Play dates, Trips to the Library, Mall of America, Arts & Crafts, Museums, Zoos, Golf, on and on even putting them to work with me at http://lifetimefitness.mylt.com/index.jspa.
So from Two Tweens in the City who are Toasting Japanese Soda from a Sushi's lovers dream restaraunt http://www.rakumn.com/ when we ventured Saturday in the pleasant falling rain to http://www.edinaartfair.com/ at http://www.50thandfrance.com/ they hope you follow their Summer Adventures in the Tween City.