Monday, September 27, 2010

My Tween Athletes

Thrilled to be going to University of Minnesota's Aquatic Center to be watching The Flom Girls compete in their first Swim Meet! The two of them have been training hard and have 5 practices remaining before the action! I just am amazed at the development of them thus far...Truly a passion of theirs I am blessed to witness! Could they become Olympians most defnitely they already have the average age of 12 beat when Olympians start training for swimming. I love being the mother to these two works of heART. Nothing is more tranquil than watching these girls swim at practices in the electric blue water in their Minnetonka Gear!

Cheers to you both!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Check out Pinkalicious | Stages Theatre Company

Check out Pinkalicious | Stages Theatre Company

Check out Holes | Stages Theatre Company

Check out Holes | Stages Theatre Company

Looking forward to this audition come Spring Time!

Frugal Fun: Visit a Museum for Free This Saturday

Frugal Fun: Visit a Museum for Free This Saturday

4th Grade Field Trip to the River Rendezvous

4th graders tomorrow will be stepping back in time to the 1800's at Bloomington's River Rendezvous. This exciting educational event will be letting them have a hands on experience in the areas of Native American life, Early Trades, Pioneer Life, Plants and Animals, Wilderness Skills, The Fur Trade, and Fun and Games all I can say is wish I could have volunteered for this one! Looking forward to hearing all about it...hope the rain clears and they have a beautiful day!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Drama Queen ScarLet Costume in Costumes Girl's Costumes Classic Girls Costumes

Oh with Halloween Right around the corner...we just can't help but look at all the costumes...We just love costumes in this family! Looks like it's gonna be this one for Emily my little Drama Tween...definitely fits the part Drama Queen ScarLet Costume in Costumes Girl's Costumes Classic Girls Costumes
Breanna is sticking to a Renaissance theme with this gorgeous black and gray dress I had it! With our house about 1/2 way there already with halloween decorations out we are loving least I am! Candles lit as we speak illuminating ghosts & pumpkins and black cats Oh My! Definitely my favorite season of the year! Thinking I will be planning a Spooktacular Party with Daring Tweens this year...I am in the Spooky Mood to Congure up Some Fun! MMMWwwwwahhhhhhh!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Fred Figglehorn, folk hero of the tween beat

It was all About Fred in our house for the last two days. The count down to the all important 7 o'clock hour last night.
Here's Why Meet Fred Figglehorn, folk hero of the tween beat

Where Does The Time Go

How neglectful of me to start something so incredible only to let it go for over two months...Following the full abundant lives of my two tween girls is back on my radar. Never again will I fall to the wayside. We were about to have an addition to this wonderful family but that chose to take a different course, so now in honor of him who brought a gift to me to truly value and be grateful for what blessings I truly have with me presently. How honored I am to be the mother of these two miraculous highly energetic tween beauties. So with that said TWEEN CITIES is going to be more alive and glow and grow with more enthusiasm, love and energy than before...
Summer came and went filled with lots of events, swimming, hot sun fun, art festivals, mini golfing, movies, bowling, biking, slumber party fun and now the girls are back to school.
3rd and 4th grade where does the time go...two weeks into it and they are loving it...a little concerned with the comment "it feels like camp" but at least I know they must be truly enjoying their school year thus far.
Started practicing for Minnetonka Swim Team last week, yesterday marked their 3rd practice and they absolutely love it and swim like killer whales, amazing watching these little bodies take on such a sport. I will be posting pics soon!
Ahh such a quiet morning, one had a sleepover at a friends house and I can only hope got to bed at at descent hour because she has a 4 hour Girl Scout She & Me Event today then Play Practice for "Back to The Manger" to be held in December and my other daughter is sound asleep still from all the excitement of watching "Fred The Movie" I should have watched it with her to see who this amazing "Fred" is all I know is we have a "Fred Doll" and I haven't done my research into finding out about him. That is soon coming.
So please be sure to follow as I restart the following of my two Tween Girls in the Tween Cities Metropolitan Area.

So BeTWEEN you and me This will be fun!