Friday, December 2, 2011

Advent Calendars 2011

Tis the Season to Advent Calendars. My girls love getting them each year as much as I did growing up. Mine used to come each year from Germany, I would so love getting them from my Aunt Anniemitz. I can just taste the German chocolate in my mouth now. I should order them from Germany now that I think of it for my girls in the future. Hello wake up we now have the world wide web Elizabeth...ding ding ding!
Needless to say what my daugthers don't know won't hurt them!
I wish I was the super creative mom...because I have been looking at all these fabulous Advent Calendar ideas this last week & there are fabulous ones out there. I especially love this one I now have a new reason to go to Home Depot's paint section. Who'd a thought paint chip samples could be used for this & a few other projects I have found. I can see it now..."Chaska mom arrested at Home Depot for taking one too many paint chip samples" hahaha But very clever creative moms out there & I would stand up for those rights to not be violated by the "Law"
I have yet to venture to Home Depot but this weekend we are going to the Tree Farm that is located in the suburbia farm of the Home Depot parking lot & getting our Christmas Tree. So I might be found in the paint section of the store, just browsing! What are we called "Starving Artists" yeah that's it! So if I get to making this wonderful Advent Calendar a few days already into December it will bring the joy I so vision. Stay tuned for pictures to follow of the Paint Chip Creations. ; )

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