Friday, December 2, 2011

My Little Orchie

"Life is one grand, sweet song. So, start the music"
~Ronald Reagan

Indeed it is! Ever since Emily has started Orchestra we have been watching her bloom daily like an Orchid. Love how they are called "Orchies" by their Orchestra Specialist Monica Hahn.

Her first intro to violin was "Plucking" til her lil fingers got sore. Glad that's past because her thumb made mine hurt. The first thing she learned was
UP like a Rocket (jumping off launch pad hand)
Down like the Rain (land on violin hand extended from left side of body with elbo hanging from left side)

In and Out like a Choo Choo Train
(from violin elbo to hand extended straight out in front of the violin shoulder)

Around and around like the Golden Sun

(pulling bow hold up to the violin shoulder on the left side of the body and circle back to the hand, this keeps the ferris wheel from wandering away from the front of the invisible violin)

Dance on my head just for fun

Love this song...I even have it memorized.
Well she has developed since this she now knows how to play "Jingle Bells", "Dreidel" "A Mozart Melody" & "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" So proud of her & very blessed that this school still has orchestra for elementary students. I have put a little request in that she learn how to play the "Happy Birthday" song by December 15th (my 40th) What a present! Never would I have imagined this 10, 20, 30 + years ago that I would have my two girls to bring me such bliss for a birthday. So Blessed I am!
Yesterday was Emily's first before school practice where in addition to what she has been bringing to her practices she needed to bring her stand for a first time full orchestra band practice. She loved it & from reports from her instructor she loved it as well. Three more before school practices til her Winter Concert December 12th Can't wait to hear the magic to my ears. Then again the lil Orchies get to perform at school on December 22nd for a "December in the Hall" performance for the students, teachers, staff & parents! How lovely! To end again with a very wonderful quote by our former President of the United States, Ronald Reagan "Life is one grand, sweet song. So, start the music"

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