Tuesday, December 6, 2011

5th Grade Kindness Retreat


Hi my name is Breanna and you might have heard of me from my mom’s posts. I go to Minnewashta Elementary School and I am a magnificent 10 years old. I just started the 5th Grade. I had a field trip today and it was the kindness retreat at Mount Calvary Church in Excelsior, MN. Today once I got to school I had to go straight to Phyed and went roller skating which was really fun. Then right after Phyed we got on the crazy buses and went to the kindness retreat. Once we got there we went inside the church's gym and we set are coats/jackets on the side of the gym. They were playing music and there were these three adults there and a whole bunch of high school kids there and we got name tags with numbers on them my number was number four. The adult’s names were Kk, Sam and Molly. Kk was telling us to dance right after we put are coats down and they were playing the song Dynamite. Then Kk told us to go sit in between the two speakers and they started playing more songs that they told us to sing which was really fun. Then we split into three groups and made thunder storm sounds and rain storm sounds which is really cool and it sounded like really real. After that Kk told us how she was bullied in 5th Grade and then each high school kid got a sheet and a number, pencil and we had to find our group leaders and I was number four so I had to find my leader and when I found my leader we had to sit in a circle. My leaders name was Kelly Stacker she was really nice. So we had to list ten things on what types of bulling is happening at are school. After that we had to play a game called fist of five it was really fun. I forgot to mention the other kids that were in my group there names were Molly, Jacob, Elise, Matt and Garret. So after are small groups Molly told us to sit in between the speakers again. So we sang more songs which were so fun and funny we also did dances which was also fun and funny. Then Sam played a song that he wrote and it was called (My sweet old Granny). It was really funny. Then Sam told us how he was bullied in 5th Grade and then we went back into are small groups and did another activity. We had to list ten things on how to stop bulling. Then we had to go down to the bathrooms wash are hands come back and get are lunches then sit in are small groups and eat lunch for about a half-n-hour. Then we got out of are small groups did more dancing and singing which that time was really fun and funny cause we learned a really awesome cool dance. Then Molly told how she was bullied in 5th Grade and we had to get back into are small groups and do another activity. So we had to think of ten ways how to stop bulling and ten ways on how to make people come friends. Then we played duck gray duck until the other groups were ready. Then we played a game called Soul Train which was really fun. Then we had to write on a piece of paper about bulling and share it if we wanted to. But after that we got kindness button pins and headed back to school. That was my 5th grade Kindness retreat. - Breanna

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