Sunday, December 4, 2011

Friday, Emily went on a school field trip to Orchestra Hall in Minneapolis to see Hansel & Gretel she absolutely loved the story & pulled up images so she can share about each character. Wish they needed parent chaperones for this trip. My music was orchestrated by nature that morning while walking Charlie down to the lake & listening to the slight sound of puppy feet sliding on ice. Can't wait for it to thicken up, I love walking on frozen water & hearing the howls of ice beneath my feet. Eerie! Girls came home with a friend for a sleepover & we had planned on seeing Arthur's Christmas...what a true holiday delight. The movie took me back to when I was a little girl sitting by the window looking up in hopes to see Santa & his reindeer glide by in the sky. Never saw him but I still do BELIEVE! The movie had me & my husband in tears & definitely with a much bigger HEART for the magic of Christmas. Especially looking more forward to donating toys next weekend for ALL children to get a present Christmas morning. We then came home & the girls turned our kitchen into a Gingerbread village.

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