Sunday, April 17, 2011

Breanna Sure Had a Lucky Rabbit's Foot Hidden Somewhere!

Breanna's Bingo Bucks!

So Happy!

All her lucky winnings!

Great Day for Bingo! After taking the girls to work with me in Waconia yesterday for 3 hours they learned of Sunday's once a month "Community Bingo." Since Emily went with dad today to see "Soul Surfer" and the report by Emily is it is so so so so Good, Breanna and I went out to Bingo. It was on her mind all morning so not making it, I would have heard it for days. Glad I listened.
What fun we had for two hours. Breanna won the first between the two of us and she kept winning, four bingos in all, which meant four Bingo Bucks for the Gift Shop. I came out ahead and won five bingo's. Breanna experienced a great relaxing quiet afternoon amongst the the wonderful assisted living residents. While shopping for her prizes one lady asked "do you have a Rabbit's Foot hiding somewhere because you sure were lucky." Definitey Breanna's Bingo lucky day!
Breanna's prizes included yummy mints, box of crayons & magnets & paper for her locker at school. I went seasonal and picked 3 Easter candy dishes, a cute Chic basket, an adorable wind chime and a perfect card for my Granny Vera.
Breanna's requesting I work all the Sundays of Community Bingo now...Somethings wrong with that picture!
All the while playing bingo we had the true Minnesotan experience. The Twins Game was on and they also won 4-2! :o)

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