Monday, April 18, 2011

Apollo & Athena Depart

Two Acceptional Beauties

Hug of Love


A sad day but we will get through the storm...My philosophy "What doesn't kill ya makes you stronger." After weeks of thought we have come to the decision of Rehoming Apollo & Athena for benefiting them. These two dogs love the outdoors...& living in the neighborhood next to the Jones's & the Smith's who are "call the police every time a dog barks for a split second unhappy people" have helped us realize they need to be dogs where they can be free to roam & bark when they want. My perfect picture with patience paid off. They are going to a perfect place with no restrictions above and beyond the normal on 11 acres. Still wish I was going too...lucky dogs! :o) The walking I could do with them there! But sounds like they'll be getting the run for their money...running next to the new "retired" owner on his four wheeler...Athena is gonna love it! Apollo will do it just because. He definitely is one to take it or leave it. Great dogs going to a Great new home...How Happy is that.

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