Saturday, June 12, 2010

TweenDom Come

I have been researching the "Tween" approach to marketing to that age specific now for almost two years. I am grateful I have come upon choosing Blogging as my way of unleashing what has been in me for so long. I asked myself over and over What is Tween Cities? What do I want to sell? Is there a Product? Should it be a Storefront and if so where, what, who, how? All these questions have boggled my mind because I have never truly believed yet what I want it to become....The "it" was eating away at me.
I believe this approach of just simply covering the lives of my two precious gifts everyday is the true gift behind what Tween Cities is....After moving back from Alaska it has been a hard adjustment living here...Thank God for Facebook...I have really not found my "niche" to the feeling of calling this place home, until now. I feel if I had started facebooking and blogging back in Alaska, I'd still be there...These two social networking sites help in the adjusting of living away from family and friends that looking back I value soooo much. Presently, friends are so far and few inbeTWEEN to make now...Everyone is busy with families, life, the careers, were so anxious to start as a young adult. This blogging couldn't have come to me at a better time...I hope someday my two Tweens will appreciate maybe sharing this idea of mine and reading with their own Tweens what they got to experience in their Tween Years.
I am gonna rock this out with all my energy and then some!

Cheers, to Unleashing My Potential

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