Saturday, June 12, 2010

Tween Stars

As of late all that's in the news is Remarkable Triumphant stories of Tweens/Teens making quests up Mountains, Journeys around the world, getting lead acting roles, singing & entertaining, on and on. What boggles me is why people would question this. Is it safe, Is it right? Life is not meant to live in a bubble...Life is Life you live it! What would have been better for Jordan Romero, the youngest climber to summit Mt. Everest, to be sitting on the couch playing a video game while eating his Happy Meal....Something tells me the one's complaining are the ones in a line at a Fast Food Restaurant. Jordan can be my leader of tomorrow.
Then you got 16 year old Abby Sunderland sailing solo Around the World...OMG this girl is my idol...She is living proof that Dreams Do Come may not have ended the way she wanted as of today but at least she got this far and without Energy, Drive, Support, Positive Creative Thoughts, Perserverence and Will Power "Wild Eyes" would have just been "Blurry Eyes" Abby set a goal, and followed through. An accomplishment some no matter what age can't even entertain. Sail Abby Sail!
The Karate Kid released last night 12 year old Jaden Smith plays lead role...Yeah maybe it might help to know a person or two in Showbiz like his parents Will Smith & Jada Pinkett Smith to get the doors opening...but knowing his talented parents I can only speculate that his acting skills are up to par. Can't wait to see it...Just watched the original with my heart throb back in the day Ralph Machio and you gotta love Myogi! Wax on Wax off Danielson!!! I still someday plan on capturing a fly with chopsticks...Maybe I'll wait for that perfect day when I visit Japan.
Then you got President Obama & First Lady Michelle with their two beautiful daughters. Both in their Prime Tween Years Malia who is 12 and Sasha who is 9...What a life they get to remember...Could you just imagine for a moment what Father's Day will be like for these two beauties. Handing President Obama their handmade gifts or card, because any child those ages are all about creating and handcrafting something....Wish I was there to capture the priceless picture.
All I know the closest thing to the President I have standing in my house right now waiting for me to dish up a bowl of Chocolate Swirl Ice Cream is the 2nd grade Champion of the Presidential Fitness Award....Break, Mom Duties This is a blog all of its own I'll get to! Can't wait to see it!

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