Saturday, December 17, 2011

Lights Lighting up Nationwide showcases the Bennett family display in north-central Florida.
Christmas in Shirley showcases a display in Shirley, New York.
Christmas Utah is Marty Slack's spectacular display in (where else?) Utah. In addition to tens of thousands of animated lights and displays, this has to be one of the few displays that features live music! This is a great site that contains videos of displays and many tips for the display enthusiast. I learned a few things there, and I've been doing this a long time!
Christmas Spectacular is Scott Hardin's display in Columbus, Indiana. Scott also created the great logo for
Crazy4holidays Display pictures: 'Crazy' does displays for Halloween, Christmas, and Easter.
Computerized Christmas is a display that started in an apartment from the beginning then went to a home. Jeremy will be documenting his progress as he computerizes his display.
Dominik Rabenaldt is a teenager with his own display and website.
Drew Hickman's pages discuss his own displays, as well as some hints for creating your own, and some technical info about computer control. is Marc Mousseau's award winning display in Hudson, NH.
The Klein's Holiday Lights features pictures of their growing display.
Ron Lister has a very nice display, and his website includes pictures and a video clip
LightHog's Christmas Lights Page contains some repair and technical information, including some circuit schematics for controlling lights. is the online home of Timothy Howse's CHRISTmasland display in the Detroit area. His display is dedicated to celebrating the
true meaning of Christmas, Jesus Christ.
Scott Loftus has a nice display in Sherman, Illinois.
Magic Christmas is an unusual Christmas light display located in Alexandria, LA, hosted by Walter and Jackie Monkhouse, one of the nicest couples one could ever meet. This site showcases the display, which features a light show, a real train, and real lighted toys. .
Mark Obermiller's House of Lights: Showcases Mark's spectacular Christmas light-shows, with spreading the Good News of the birth of Jesus as its primary focus. I was fortunate enough to see several of these shows via videotape.
Mike Sigmond has a nice display controlled by Light-o-Rama.
Our Christmas House is a display in New Zealand
That Christmas House is a display in North Plainfield, New Jersey The Parcell Family of Geneva, IL has a display of 26,500 lights and a nice website. is the online home of Jeff and Rhonda Womack's display near San Antonio, Texas.
showcases Zac Cutt's computer-controlled Christmas display in Holland Landing, Onterio.
Zimmerman Christmas Lights is a great display in Balboa Island, California with the theme "Walking in a Wired Wonderland".

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