Tuesday, November 29, 2011

101 Dalmatians

Puppies, Puppies & 99 more Puppies I just cringe with excitement for just the fleeting thought of being surrounded by all of them & what licking, pouncing fun that would be. Well looks like I'll have my wish come true, partly anyways. So proud that Breanna & Emily were casted into The 101 Dalmation Play at their school which will be held next February. Granted their won't be live puppies in the play...I heard that was the most asked question by all the kids, well they'll have the next best thing. I guess it will look like all the puppies will be present! Gotta love stage props! So, we went from a one house dog Charlie to now 3 Breanna will be a Boxer & Emily will be a French Poodle...how cute is that! With practices twice a week I think I can be casted without the practice because it has been lines & songs around the house since they started. But not so sure I'd want to be a dog, I know I have one of Emily's line down for sure...She really enjoys her French Poodle speaking part "Oui, Oui" too fun. Last night started the dance routine demo's. Right up my dancing alley. Love how fast kids learn...sponges they are. Well we have another beautiful sunny winter day & all this talk about dogs...reminded me Charlie probably needs his walk & to go "Oui, Oui" ; )

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