Saturday, April 9, 2011

Lowry Nature Center

After our four mile quick & cold bike ride on Carver's Trail we stopped at Lowry Nature Center. Always a treat to see their little critters and diplays let alone hear the birds chirpin and the frogs & toads a croakin! The frogs & toads have within this last week made their grand reappearance to Spring...I started hearing them early on in the week and man do they echo...I want to record it! Well here are some fun pics of the center.

The Tween of all Tiara's!

Took Extra Help From Dad to Hold Up This Winning Tween of all Tiara's.

Holding Some Snake Skin! After this looooonnnnngggg winter...Ready to shed my dry skin too!

What has the fastest tongue in the West? Tis The American Toad! These are one of the Croakin Sounds of Nature that's back for Spring in Minnesota! Sad we have to miss hearing all about the different Croaks of toads & frogs in MN tomorrow, but there's cake & ice cream involved for a birthday party! :o) I'll have my own croaks to croak about after the indulging!

The Tiger Salamander...this just reminded me of the movie we watched last night...The Little Fockers! Funny Movie! I foresee the fourth movie titled "My Neighbors are The Fockers!

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