Wednesday, April 6, 2011

These Chics Are Hoppin!

I don't know if the family can hold out the chirpin about this movie til Easter Sunday...I've heard it's a hootin & a chirpin movie!
Emily is the Queen of Putting up "Bunny Ears" hahaha...I suppose this pic is appropriate! :o)
I for some reason am gettin all Eggs~cited about what to hide in my girls Easter Eggs this year and have come up with some Eggs-traordinary ideas compared to the past of jelly beans and money and stickers...This year it's gonna be movie tickets, squinkies, eraser tops, scratch off tickets and the usual jelly beans & money...I'm sure with the next few weeks remaining I'll have some more brain storm ideas! Please do add to the list!
Looking forward to our Easter Egg hunt in Excelsior again. This will be our 3rd year and it is a phenomenal well put together hunt right on the shores of Lake Minnetonka...Mmm I can feel the joy again already! The Girls heart it! I can't remember the age of how old they go til...but I'm thinking I'm still safe this year with a 8 & 10 year old! Well off to work with the girls at the gym then playing outside on this beautiful Spring Day!

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