Saturday, April 16, 2011

Girl Scouts Breanna & Emily

Breanna's Beautiful Easter Scene Sand Paper Transfer...Full of Easter Eggs & Basket :o)

Breanna's Spring Decorated Tree

Emily Reading The Girl Scout Law
in her "Brownies Rule Shirt"

Thursday night I had to work so Derek took Breanna to Girl Scouts and she just loves it! They let me know I was coming home to a surprise and a wonderful surprise it was! Breanna's troop had decorated trees and potted them in decorated planters and turned out lovely. Just another touch of Spring needed. They also did these Sand Paper color transfers that is just simply adorable. The girls colored what they want on the sand paper and then the troop leader irons that on to a white placemat. So cute. Needless to say I went out and bought 12 sheets of sand paper yesterday! Move over Modge Podge.
Yesterday was Emily's Brownie Meeting and Her & I were the facillitators for that meeting about "My Body" We incorporated the benefits of a healthy heart and exercise as well as feeding the body properly so the Scout Leader made awesome Smoothies for snack. Which was after a little "record your pulse" activity. Emily had the girls record their Resting Heart Rate, then had the girls do Jumping Jacks for 15 seconds with another recording...Not easy as it sounds there was a lot of "I don't feel my pulse" "I lost count" with lots of giggling of course. But we managed. Then she had them do Mule Kicks for 15 seconds that one got their heart rate up there. :o) Some heart rates were supposedly into the 300's but I'm assuming they lost count. No injuries to report. :o) Emily helped bring their heart rates down with a little game of Duck Duck Gray Duck which turned into Tonka Duck, Braid Duck, etc. Fun & cute! Then it was snack with the crackers & two samples of Smoothies...They were both yummy in my book. Then we had share time...Aleah was first..."I want to share that my dad died last weekend and tomorrow is his funeral." :( The Leader asked her, "How as a troop can we help you feel better Aleah?" "Make me laugh" So that's the troops job and everyone else that knows Aleah please make her laugh.
The last thing after Share Time Emily had everyone cool down to some Yoga. First she had everyone stretch into a tall Tree Pose. Definitely not the most quiet of Yoga I've been around but by far the most Joyful. She was anxious to get them all in Om position and through giggles and eyes closed doing what was supposed to me peaceful thoughts was "The rides at Water Park of America are so cool and fast" to tons of other giggly things left to the imagination of a what comes out of the mouth of a Third Grader. Lots of Fun!

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