Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tween Talk

Last year for Christmas the girls got a phone and a half a year later I still feel it was a smart move. Yeah we could have invested in a game gadget like Nintendo DS or some other hand held device but at least with the phone they have real means of communication. They love taking pictures and videos with it and of course texting their other tween friends with phones. There is no better funny feeling then while riding down the road my own phone rings with a text from my daughter in the back seat...I love it! It has served as a great comunication tool just between us for being goofy to serving its true purpose of connecting. Oh the other best gadget is the alarm clock that for some reason some days needs to be set at 5 in the morning only for me to wake up to it and shut if off...Now is the Tween Time to sleep there will be many 5 oclock mornings ahead of them in their adult life.

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