Thursday, June 10, 2010

School's out for Summer

Well today finally arrived and officially at 1:30 when I meet the girls at their bus stop Summer Begins...then it's to Round House park for a play date. Woohoo, I can feel the joy already. My tweens are preparing for an adventurous summer filled with field trips, parades, swimming, yoga at the Sculpture Garden, Farmer's Markets, Entering art into Fairs, road trips to the North Shore, IL, and possibly the Dakota's for Fourth of July and celebrating Derek's birthday, and throwing in rest and relaxation. Filling up our summer calendar with daily events to compile into an awesome summer journal is the plan. Something to treasure for years to come.
Presently with this weather and the 5 day forecast of only rain I feel like we are back living in a beautiful rain forest in Alaska. Hard to believe it's already been over two years still feels like yesterday that I was driving down Tongass Highway. I miss Alaska and the people but not so much the rain. I am forever grateful to have experienced it but like my sunshine a little more. Just wish the Vit. D was in the air today...Oh well still grateful for what this day brings and then some. Well off for some Total Body Conditioning at Lifetime Fitness and music to my ears next to two of my friends married to Viking Football Players. Cheers to joys of living in the Tween Cities!

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