Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Recap to fun in the Tween Cities

Amidst all the rain and grey days that has been covering the Tween Cities for many days. We have still managed to find many fun things to do since last Friday. This is a recap since my blogging has been water logged as of late. Friday the girls first official day of Summer entailed going to work with me in decked out Twins Colors I felt like we were ready for the Fourth of July. Then we watched a highly recommended movie out on rental now called The Last Mimzy
a very cute movie for the family to watch together. That evening we went to the Arboretum and played in their Stickworks Display and built an Elf house out of Forest Floor treasures. With a suite like we created the Elves were gonna be resting on Cloud 9 that night. (0:
Saturday came and we went to Excelsior's Art on the Lake fair that had a plethora of wonderfully talented artist from the Tween Cities area.
Despite the overcast skies we enjoyed viewing the many treasures. If you didn't get to it...this is a must next year.
Then we ventured to the Tween Cities and went to Minneapolis's Farmers Market this is the largest Farmers Market in the Midwest and is open 7 days a week. We just love going to get our fresh veggies and fruits from here and flowers. Anything you can imagine they have and I was so happy to get my Sugar Snap Peas, nothing better than fresh Peas in a Pod. We got flowers for Grandma and dropped them off after because we didn't stay long at the farmers market this time due to the very cold and wet weather that came upon us rather quickly. Grandma loved the flowers. No day should go without taking time to Smell the Flowers.
Sunday was another overcast day gots lots done around the house in the morning while dad went golfing...then the girls and I went to the Arboretum for family fun day. We planted Pole Bean seeds and as of today they are starting to sprout...3 weeks time they will be very thankful we added homemade trellises to the pots...they grow like weeds! Then it was make a fresh pizza with yummy herbs the girls got to cut from the plants to include yummy basil & chive plants... As they were baking they ventured into the indoor flower garden for a scavenger hunt. With pizza complete the girls enjoyed every last bite, ok I got my share to. Yummy I must say. Glad they shared the recipe.
Monday came and it was filled with fun around the house having two playdates over. So entertaining the girls did. I felt like I had my own babysitter and was able to get lots done in the house. I was definitely ready for my playdate that night and went to a friends house for Spa Treatment Margarita's and Candle Scents...Everyone must have a
and Party now especially with PartyLite having their own select party foods and Margarita mix...Nothing better than getting Spa'd in your own house.
I think I will in the future host a Spa for Mom's & their Tweens. I will so be there. :0)
Tuesday yet another overcast day with we ventured to the gym the girls were in Kids Play for an hour while I went to NIA, I just absolutely love this class and the freeing dancing mind that overcomes me. Then it was lunch with mom and an afternoon movie seeing definitely a great way to add joy to a rainy day...Super cute watching Owen Wilson as a talking Great Dane and George Lopez as a talking cat.
Then it was Splashing into the Summer Reading Program and checking out many great books to start to our collection of great reads this summer. A must get is Changes of Julie an American Girl Doll book because 4 Chapters later her nose is still lost in the story.
Last night we went and did some shopping in St. Louis Park to stock up on summer foods from Sam's love some of their bulk to save time on shopping.
So that brings today...girls just rose and now they are waiting patiently for their Trixicles
Everyone knows Trix are for Kids...But now they love that you can freeze them with the sticks provided....and I just love the name they came up with "Trixicles" I looked on Yoplait's website and man that is a Marketing idea their team is behind on...Can I say Royalty Trix/Checks...Email to the company here I come...
I emailed the Popsicle company last week with my Tween Cities Blog and got a response two days ago...Free Coupons are in the mail...Nothing better than a summer filled with Popsicles and Trixicles.
So gots to get ready...Work then Play...We have a date with Miss Sunshine
Got love seeing her Bright Sunny Face with A Smile.

Have a Sun Shiny Day!

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