Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Field Trips for 2nd & 3rd Grade

With the last week of school here field trips are happening...3rd grade went to http://www.exploreminnesota.com/attraction/20439/waconia/safari-island-indoor-waterpark-and-fitness-center Safari Island in Waconia yesterday...equipped with big slides indoor play area and the hit was diving boards...Definitely a Splashing way to end 3rd Grade. Today 2nd graders venture to http://www.pumpitupparty.com/mn/eden-praire/eden-prairie/home-p1q69.htm Pump it Up Eden Prairie...these tweens in motion will definitely be jumping into 3rd grade with this inflatable party zone. I think I might just have to utilize this location for a Parents Night Out this summer, something tells me I won't have to twist two particular tweens arms to get a YES. Then after this jumping joyful event it's a party at Freeman Park http://shorewood.revtrak.net/tek9.asp?pg=regwerks I am in charge of Posicles...http://www.popsicle.com/Home.aspx ....What's a party for kids on the go without having a Product on the Go. I am liking the New Fruity Jolly Rancher Choice...I might have me 20 new Tween BFF's by the end of day...I like it!!!
So before this 2nd grade event I will be hitting NIA http://www.nianow.com/, because through movement I find health...This class is awesome I call it my Meditation in Motion and my Black Belt Instructor Marie instructs in a way that brings Awareness to a New Life. I simply will be refreshed, recharged & regrouped when I hit Freeman Park today...Just a FYI if you check this class out, Watch out...It can Change Your Life.
So presently the Rain Gods are doing a little NIA up above (I'm jealous) and hope they have gotten their fix before the Party at the Park because It's On to listen to 20 + Tweens Tearing it Up.

Smile it's Tween Tuesday!!!

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